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What do I do if my application to open an account has been rejected stating a signature mismatch?

If your application to open an account has been rejected on the basis of your signature, it is under 3 scenarios -

  1. Signatures are missing in one more places on the application form (offline) - In this case, you will have to resend the duly signed forms.
  2. You have incorrectly signed in the second holders or third holder field in one or more spaces provided - In this case as well you’ll have to resend the forms signed correctly in the appropriate space provided for it to be processed.
  3. The various signatures on the form don't match - You would be required to sign the application form in multiple places, and if the signatures don't match, your form will be rejected. In this case, if the signatures on the majority of the places on the form match (subject to the discretion of the account opening representative) you'll just have to sign and send us a self-declaration form . You can provide the self declaration letter as a scanned copy by either uploading it on the signup portal or by creating a ticket below. If the signatures are completely different from each other, you will have to resend the duly filled and signed forms.

If your application has been rejected, you will receive an email notification stating the reason for rejection and the instructions to follow to get your application processed correctly.