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How do I unlink my Aadhaar number from my Zerodha account?

Previously, before the announcement of the Supreme Court judgement on September 27, 2018 , we as a trading member were directed to collect the Aadhaar from clients as per the PMLA Rules and as per Exchange guidelines.

In consideration of this recent judgement, We would like to assure you that we have removed all AADHAAR numbers from our system for all our clients who had given us AADHAAR numbers. We do not store any Aadhaar numbers with us and the only place we may have used your Aadhaar information, i.e. details such as Address, Date of Birth & Gender, was in case you used your Aadhaar as the proof of identification/address during account opening.

So there is no concept/procedure of unlinking your Aadhaar from your trading/Demat account, even if you had earlier linked your Aadhaar.