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Why are withdrawal requests not being processed under the brokerage sharing program even with 5 referrals and ₹1000 in the wallet?

Withdrawal requests may not be processed for the following reasons:

  • The referrals were added before Jan 2020.
  • One or more of the referral accounts was opened in the current month.  To calculate referral payouts, only the previous month is considered. If you didn’t have five referrals in the previous month, but do have them now, you can request a withdrawal in the first week of the next month.

Example scenario

Four referrals have opened accounts before the end of May and one has opened an account in June. In such cases, request for a withdrawal of referral benefit in the first week of July provided it is an amount >₹1000.

See Terms & Conditions for Referral Incentive Scheme Policy for more information.