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How to interpret the contract note?

The contract note you receive is the combined contract note i.e. it includes the details of trades taken for NSE & BSE equity and NSE futures and options.

  • The Order No. column shows the exchange order number.
  • Order time shows the timestamp of when the order was placed.
  • Trade No. shows the trade no. on the exchange.
  • Security/contract column shows on which stock/scrip the order was placed in
  • Buy/sell mentions the transaction type.
  • The gross rate per unit will show the price at which the order got executed
  • The net rate per unit column will be the same as the gross rate per unit — as in our contract notes, the brokerage charges are mentioned separately.
  • Closing rate per unit is applicable to carried over derivative contracts — the price at which the contract closed for the day.
  • Net total before levies shows the total amount due to you or from you before brokerage and taxes.

Note: These details can be used to verify your trades at the exchange.

The second page will show:

All the brokerages and taxes applicable i.e. CGST, IGST, STT, Stamp duty, SEBI turnover fee, Exchange transaction tax.

Note — CGST and SGST of 9% each will be charged if your billing address is Karnataka and IGST of 18% for other states.

The Net amount receivable or payable by you will be at the end of the table as highlighted below.


  • DP charges and Call & Trade charges (orders placed through our dealing desk and intraday (MIS/BO/CO) positions squared off before market closing by our RMS team) will not be shown on the contract note. You need to check your ledger statement for the same.
  • If the amount in the row 'Net amount receivable by Client / (payable by Client)' is inside of brackets, it means that the money is due from you i.e. will be deducted from your trading account. This could be a purchase made or a loss incurred.
  • Contract notes sent to clients over email needs to be password protected as required by the exchange regulations. The password for your contract note will be your PAN number. (Case sensitive)