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What is the virtual contract note, and how to view it?

The virtual contract note provides an approximation of brokerage, STT, stamp duty, exchange transaction charges, SEBI turnover charge, and GST for the day. It also provides order-wise charges, unlike a regular contract note.

To view the virtual contract note, follow these steps:

Kite app

  1. Tap on Orders.
  2. Tap on Executed.
  3. Tap on Contract note.

Kite web

  1. Click on Orders.
  2. Click on Contract note.

Did you know?

  • The virtual contract note does not display the additional brokerage of ₹40 that is charged when the Zerodha account has a negative balance.
  • For equity, charges associated with equity delivery trades will be displayed on VCN regardless of whether MIS or CNC product type is used. Nevertheless, intraday charges will be displayed after positions are squared off on the same day, whether through CNC or MIS.
  • STT is not levied on Liquid BeES and Liquid ETFs. However, it is temporarily displayed on the virtual contract note.
  • DP charges are levied separately on the funds statement.
  • For NRI and Non-individual accounts, the brokerage charge displayed on the virtual contract note isn't calculated as per the actual rate.
  • The virtual contract note functions for up to 500 executed orders. For more than 500 executed orders, refer to the contract note sent to the registered email. To learn more about contract note, see What is a contract note?