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Does Zerodha call clients asking to provide any personal/sensitive information or transfer money into any specific bank account?

No, you will not receive calls from Zerodha asking you for any personal/sensitive information or to transfer money to a certain bank account.

Never provide sensitive account information like password, Kite PIN, support code or personal details through an email or call, even if the person claims to be from Zerodha. If your account information is compromised, immediately change account credentials and report by creating a ticket. See How to reset my Kite password?

You can receive a call to add funds to your account ; if holding F&O positions or intraday positions that weren’t squared off due to margin shortfall. For details, see I received a “Margin Call” SMS/Email. What is it? . Such calls are only from 080 4718 1888 / 1999 or 080 7190 9543 / 9545. If calls are received from any other number, report by creating a ticket .

If you receive a margin call, make sure to transfer funds only through the modes mentioned in How do I add money to my Zerodha account? .