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Does Zerodha call clients seeking personal, sensitive information or ask for funds to be transferred to a specific bank account?

Zerodha does not call clients seeking personal, sensitive information or ask to transfer money to a particular bank account. Never provide sensitive account information like password, app code, support code or personal details through an email or call, even if the person claims to be from Zerodha. If the Zerodha account information is compromised, immediately change the account credentials and report by creating a ticket. To change the Kite password, see How to reset the password on Kite web?

Zerodha may call clients in case of margin shortfalls for open F&O or intraday positions. Calls are made only from the numbers mentioned on To learn more about these calls, see Why was an email and voice message received for the provisional margin shortfall? Adding funds in case of margin shortfall is the same as adding funds to trade. To learn how to add funds, see