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I see trades on my account that I haven't made. How do I report these unauthorised trades?

The only person who can trade on your Zerodha account is you. There are 2 means that we offer for you to place trades:

  1. By logging in on the trading platform: You can log into the trading platform using the User ID you will have received via email when you opened an account with us and the password and 2FA PIN you set on the link in the same email.
  2. Call-and-trade: You can also place an order by calling our dealing desk and instructing the dealer on call to place an order. However, in order to be able to place an order via this route, you need to authenticate yourself using the "Support Code" which is only available on the profile page of Console, the backoffice. The only way to get to this page is by logging in using the User ID, password, and 2FA PIN used to log into the trading platform.

Essentially, we have ensured that the only person who will be able to place trades for an account is only an individual who has the proper login credentials (User ID, password and 2FA PIN).

However, if you do share your login credentials with another person, that person may be able to log into your account and place orders. As such, we strongly encourage all our clients to keep their login credentials only to themselves and not share it with any other person. Read our Password Policy here.

In recent times, we have come across various third-parties (tipsters/fraudsters) who have been falsely promising exorbitant returns via various social media channels like Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and gain access your login credentials. They then proceed to place loss-making trades in your account, being the beneficiary of these trades themselves. Thus, they effectively move money from your account to theirs via the stock markets, making it seem like a genuine market loss when it is not. Read more about such frauds here.

We have also recently come across another variation of the same scam where the scamsters set up websites that look like a broker's trading platform, or a bank's login portal and then broadcast the links to these fake pages via email, SMS or social media and trick people into entering their login credentials which the fraudsters then use to login on the real broker or bank's portal and commit fraud as described above. This has been described in more detail in this post.

This being the case, we strongly urge you to ensure that whenever you enter your login credentials to your Zerodha account, you are doing so only on or You can also make your account more secure by setting up a TOTP for your account that changes frequently, instead of the constant PIN. The process to set this up is explained here.

In case you believe that any of the above may have happened to your account, please make sure to do the below:

  1. Immediately change your account password and PIN.
  2. File an online complaint on the Cyber Crime Complaint Portal immediately.
  3. The second step in this process generally includes taking a copy of the online complaint & filing an FIR with the closest Police Station near you.

Create a ticket below by attaching the online Grievance Report of your Cyber Crime complaint, if you would like us to assist you further with regard to your complaint.