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Why does Kite P&L not match with credit/debit on Console?

When trading there are two platforms that you use - the trading platform where you trade (Kite) and the back office platform (Console) which maintains your ledger/account balance, which is reported to the exchanges. While the overall P&L will be the same on both the platforms, the daily P&L or credit/debit on ledger might differ.

On Kite, the P&L on positions page for futures and options is shown based on your entry price for the position using First in First out (FIFO) method. Whereas on Console, the P&L is settled on a daily basis as per the set standard exchange process for all futures positions - which is called Marked to Market or M2M

This means, while the trading platform shows only the overall P&L and current day's P&L, there will be multiple credits/debits on the Console ledger - one entry for every day you held the position. However, your overall P&L will be equal to the sum of all credits/debits for your F&O position. 

Learn more about the relation between daily debits/credits and the overall F&O profit in this TradingQ&A post.