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Why does Kite P&L not match with credit/debit on Console?

Kite is the trading platform, whereas Console is the back office platform. Although the overall profit and loss (P&L) remain consistent on both platforms, the daily P&L or credit/debit on the funds statement may differ.

On the Kite platform, the futures and options position page displays the profit and loss based on the entry price of the position using the First in, First out (FIFO) method. On the other hand, the Console platform settles the profit and loss daily, following the standard exchange process for all futures positions known as Marked to Market (M2M). To learn more, see What is Mark to Market (MTM)?

This means that while the trading platform shows only the overall and current day's profit and loss, the Console ledger will have multiple credits or debit entries for every day the position was held. Nonetheless, the overall profit and loss will equal the total sum of all credits or debits for the F&O position.