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What is a primary bank account with regards to my Zerodha account?

A primary bank account is the main bank account linked to your Zerodha account. The bank proof you submit while opening your Trading and DEMAT account is linked as the primary bank account.

The primary bank account is used for both depositing and withdrawing funds to and from your trading account.

The secondary bank account is an additional bank account that can be added to your Zerodha account. The bank account mapped as a secondary bank account can only be used to deposit funds to your trading account. Withdrawal of funds to a secondary bank account is not possible. To know more about secondary bank accounts, click here.

Please note, you can add up to 3 bank accounts to your trading account, but only 1 bank account will be treated as primary and the other 2 as secondary.

To know how to change your primary bank account with Zerodha, click here.