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What is a primary bank account with regards to a Zerodha account?

A primary bank account is the main bank account linked to a Zerodha account. The bank proof submitted while opening a trading and demat account is linked as the primary bank account. The primary bank account is used for both depositing and withdrawing funds to and from the trading account.

A secondary bank account is an additional bank account that can be added to a Zerodha account. The bank account mapped as a secondary bank account can only be used to deposit funds to the trading account. Withdrawal of funds to a secondary bank account is not possible. To learn more about secondary bank accounts, see What is a secondary bank account?

Up to 3 bank accounts can be added to a trading account, but only 1 bank account will be treated as primary and the other 2 as secondary.

To learn how to change the primary bank account with Zerodha, see How to change the primary bank account?

Did you know? PayTM payments bank cannot be linked to a Zerodha account. To learn why, see Can PayTM payment bank be linked to Zerodha?