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How do I fill up the mutual fund dematerialization form?

You'll have to send us 2 filled mutual fund dematerialization forms for every fund you've invested in , in order to process your dematerialization request .

Before you fill the form, download and print out your mutual fund statement. The instructions to fill up the form is as follows -

  1. Enter the date you're filling the form on.
  2. Ignore the 'DRF No.' field
  3. The DP ID - implies Zerodha's DP ID - 12081600/12081601
  4. Client ID here implies - your 8 digit BO ID - you can find it on the profile page on Console as shown here .
  5. Enter your name
  6. In the number of pages contained - enter how many pages are there in your mutual fund statement

  1. Enter the Folio No. - ISIN - Mutual fund name as on your statement.
  2. Under quantity, you can write 'ALL'
  3. Under lock-in details (for ELSS funds), write the reason as 'ELSS' & the end of lock-in period will be the expiry date
  4. Write your name and Sign both under - 'Signature with DP' & 'Signature with RTA'

In case, you have many statements or multiple ELSS SIPs and you require more space, you can use this annexure.

After you sign, it is not required for you to fill the 'Change of distributor code' & 'Acknowledgment receipt'.