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How do I subscribe to the RSS feeds for Zerodha's bulletin?

You can subscribe to the RSS feeds to follow our updates on the bulletin and circulars.

How to subscribe:

When you click on the subscribe button on the Bulletin page , you’ll see something like this:

This isn’t a broken page, it’s how an RSS feed looks. You will need a feed reader to subscribe to an RSS feed. You can use this Chrome extension . You can find many of these on the internet. Either as browser extensions, or mobile and desktop apps.

If you’re using a browser extension, simply click on the Subscribe button on the Bulletin page and the feed reader extension will allow you to subscribe to the feed. You’ll see something like this:

If you’re using an app outside the browser, just right-click on the ‘Subscribe’ button and click on "Copy link address". Paste this link in your feed reader and subscribe.