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Why are my drawings getting deleted from the TradingView chart on Kite?

All drawings on charts must be saved as a layout in the TradingView Chart. See How to save layout and template on Tradingview charts in Kite web? Since the layouts are saved in the local memory of your device called cache memory, any changes made to the cache will result in your drawings getting deleted.

The reasons for the drawings getting deleted are mentioned below:

  1. Clearing the browser cache or app cache.
  2. If you change your browser, PC or Mobile.
  3. Up to 10 layouts on charts can be saved. When the eleventh layout is saved, the first layout is removed.
  4. If you log in to Kite with a different login ID in the same browser, the drawings will be deleted from your previous login ID.
  5. If Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows settings are enabled in browser settings, the cache will be deleted when you close the browser. To disable this, go to Settings > Security and privacy > Cookies and other site data > disable.