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How to save default layouts and templates on TradingView version 2 in Kite web?

Layouts and templates are used to customise a chart.

  • Layouts include chart type, drawings, style, background, indicators, single and multiple chart views etc.
  • Templates include indicators and timeframes applicable to the charts of all the other instruments.

To save layouts and templates, follow these steps:


  1. Open a chart, apply drawings and other chart settings.
  2. Click on Save, enter a name for the chart layout and click on Save.


  1. Open a chart, and apply the timeframe and indicators.
  2. Click on Indicator Templates and then on Save Indicator template.
  3. Enter a template name and check the Remember Interval checkbox.
  4. Click on Save.

A maximum of 10 layouts and templates can be saved.

Loading Layouts and Templates: The saved layouts and templates can be loaded from the saved list.

Did you know? To set a default layout, click on Save as default layout. The settings saved as default layout can be accessed by opening the chart on any device as it is saved in the cloud.