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How to save layout and template on Tradingview charts in Kite web?

Layouts and templates are used to customize a chart.

  • Layouts include chart type, drawings, style, background etc. These are specific to the stock where it is applied and won't load on the charts of other instruments when opened.
  • Templates include indicators and timeframes applicable to the charts of all the other instruments.

To save layouts and templates, follow the steps below:


  1. Open a chart, apply drawings and other chart settings.
  2. Click on Save, enter a name for the chart layout and click on Save .


  1. Open a chart, apply timeframe and indicators.
  2. Click on Templates and enter a template name.
  3. Check the Save interval checkbox and click on Save.

A maximum of 10 layouts and templates can be saved.

Loading Layouts and Templates:

The saved layouts and templates can be loaded from the saved list. The default layout feature is not available currently.

Did you know? To set a default template for all charts, click on Save as default template .