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How to save layout and template on Tradingview charts in Kite web?

Follow the steps below to save the layout and template:

If you have changed the up candle colour to blue from the default green by clicking or make any other layout changes (non-indicator changes) like changing theme, multi-chart view etc.

You will have to save this as a layout as shown below to be able to be used when you close the chart and initiate it again.

When you initiate the charts again, this is how you load the layout. When you load a layout, the scrip which was used when saving also gets loaded. You will have to then change the scrip through the search bar, to whatever you want.

Indicators and time frames (1 min, 5 min, etc) can be saved as a template along with being able to be saved in the layout. You can have only one default template at a time and whenever you initiate a TV chart, it opens up with saved default template. Unlike in ChartIQ charts where templates get autosaved, in TV you have to explicitly click to save. We will soon have autosave on this as well.


  1. For those of you who want to change the default layout (candle colour, theme, multi-chart layout), loading the layout every time might seem cumbersome. Especially if the layout loads with a certain scrip and then you are having to change it. We are speaking to the TV team about this.
  2. A maximum of 10 templates and 10 layouts can be saved.