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Why is the error 'It seems you’re not logged in. Please login to continue using charts' displayed while opening a Chart on Kite?

This error is displayed if a client is logged in with the same login credentials on another device or on a different browser.

When a client logs into Kite on a different device or browser, the previous session will be terminated, and the client will be logged out.

For instance, if a client is already logged in from Device 1 and subsequently logs in from another device (or browser), referred to as Device 2, the session on Device 1 will be terminated. This is why an error may appear when returning to Device 1.

If a client hasn't tried logging in from multiple devices and is still encountering this issue, they should reset their password. If the issue persists, they can clear the sessions by following these steps:

  1. Click on user ID.
  2. Click on My profile.
  3. Scroll down and click on Clear all.

It's strongly advised not to share login credentials and to use the updated version of the browser.