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How do I fill in a DIS slip?

You can follow the instructions below to fill the DIS slip:

1. Client ID: Consist of 8 digits, which is already pre-sealed (color: Blue) top of the DIS slip.
2. Client name: Specify the name as it appears in the Demat A/c.
3. Date: Specify the date of submitting the DIS.
4. ISIN numbers: Specify the ISIN of security to be transferred. Confirm this with your transaction statement. A maximum of 5 ISIN's can be transferred per DIS. Use multiple DIS if you wish to transfer more than 5 ISIN's.
You can also verify the ISIN from or
5. Security Name: Specify the name of the security to be transferred.
6. Quantity in figures: Specify the quantity in figures.
7. Quantity in words: Specify the quantity in words.
8. Total instruction Issued: Specify the total number of ISINs.
9. Consideration amount: You could enter the value of securities on the date of transfer or any other consideration amount as may seem to deem fit.
10. The reason for Transfer: Tick any one, from the list of options available. In case the reason of transfer is an off-market sale - select 'Other' and enter the reason as 'off market sale of security'. You also need to download, print & fill out this Annexure and send it along with DIS form. It is mandatory to fill out the payment details.
11. Execution date (Optional): Specify the date on which the instructions are to be executed. If the DIS is received after the 'Execution Date' mentioned, it will get rejected.
12. If you are transferring to another Individual's CDSL DEMAT account.
13. If you are transferring to a Clearing Member/Broker's CDSL account.
14. If you are transferring to another Individual's NSDL DEMAT account.
15. If you are transferring to a Clearing Member/Broker's NSDL account.
16. Counter BO name: Specify the account holder's name to which securities are getting transferred.
17. Signature of the 1st holder - 1st holder signature(All the signature should match with that recorded as the specimen signature with Zerodha.)
18. Signature of the 2nd holder - If Zerodha DEMAT account has a 2nd holder.
19. Signature of the 3rd holder - If Zerodha DEMAT account has a 3rd holder.

Note: In order to transfer multiple shares using a single DIS, you can use the DIS annexure form