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How to upgrade from Myeasi to Myeasiest?

To upgrade from Myeasi to Myeasiest, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Myeasi by visiting
  2. Click on Miscellaneous and then on Upgrade BO ID to Easiest.

3. Select Trusted account (PIN) as the Account Type, agree to the terms and conditions and click Submit.

4. Enter the trusted BO ID of the demat account to which the securities are being transferred and click on Submit. To learn the process of adding a trusted BO ID, see How to add a trusted account on CDSL Easiest? and to know the BO ID, see What are DP name, DP ID, BO ID and demat ID?

5. An upgrade request is sent to Zerodha.

6. After Zerodha authenticates it, the BO ID will be activated for easiest instantly.

Did you know? MyEASI (Electronic Access to Securities Information) allows the demat account holder (Beneficial Owner-BO) only to view their demat account details.

On the other hand, MyEASIEST (Electronic Access to Securities Information and Execution of Secured Transactions) allows the demat account holder to submit off-market instructions and set up online transactions. The demat account holder need not submit a DIS (Delivery Instructions Slip) to the Depository Participant (DP) for the transactions done through easiest login. See How to transfer shares from the Zerodha account using CDSL Easiest?