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Can I open a joint Demat account at Zerodha?

Yes, you can open a joint Demat account at Zerodha.

You can open a joint Demat account with a maximum of three account holders, this includes the primary account holder. A joint Demat account cannot be opened using the online method. You will need to print, fill, and send the Demat application form to our head office.

The first holder's correspondence address should be filled in the Demat form. All communication for the joint Demat account will only go to the first holder. The first holder's bank proof is to be submitted along with the documents mentioned in this article.

However, to fulfil the KYC requirement, all the joint holders should submit individual KYC forms along with their passport-sized photographs attached and signed across, individual address proofs and PAN copies.

You can also open a Joint Demat account in the following cases: 

  1. When you have physical shares in a joint Demat account.
  2. When you have a joint account with another broker and intend to close that Demat account and transfer the shares to Zerodha.

Since Joint accounts are opened offline, offline account opening charges will be applicable. To know more about the charges, click here.

Please get in touch with us on our account opening helpline at 080 47192020 / 080 71175337 or raise a ticket below for assistance with the account opening process.

Note: In a joint Demat account, the tax liability on the P&L is on the first holder. You can read this article for more details.