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Why is the name on my Zerodha account different than on the documents I've submitted?

There are certain cases where the name submitted by you and the name on your Zerodha account are not exactly the same. This happens because when we create your account, we fetch your name from the Income Tax database. In these cases, the name on PAN and other identity proofs and the name on the Income Tax database don't match.

So, in order to get your name corrected at Zerodha in such cases, you will have to get the name corrected on the Income Tax database and then apply for a name change at Zerodha. To do so, send the duly filled 'Account modification Form' and Annexure-B to Zerodha H.O . You will be charged Rs 25 + 18% GST.

Note : To check your name that is updated on the Income Tax database, you can visit this link . Select NON-TDS/TCS >> CHALLAN NO./ITNS 280. Once you do, fill in the mandatory details which are marked as * after which you'll be able to see your name as on the Income Tax Database.

To change your name in the Income-tax database, follow this link , register, and then make the changes. You can refer to this article for the procedure to get your name changed in the IT database.