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Where can I see the shares I’ve purchased?

You can view the shares you have purchased under the Holdings tab on Console and Kite. To know how to do so, please follow the steps below.

Kite Mobile

Log in to Kite App > From the dashboard, select Portfolio > Holdings.

You can set the filter or search by scrip name as per your preference.

Kite Web

Log in to Kite > From the dashboard, click on Holdings.

You can filter out based on your preference by selecting All stocks, Kite only, Smallcase, and Mutual funds. You can also filter using search. You can also download your holdings report by click on the download button.


Log in to Console > Portfolio > Holdings

You will be able to see the list of all stocks you hold on this page.

If you want to see which stocks you held on a specific date, you can select a date. You can also filter based on the sector, stock name, and tags you have added to the stock.

Note: Shares purchased will show up under the Holdings tab from the next trading day, i.e. T+1 (trade day +1). For example, if you bought the shares on Monday, it will show up under the Holdings tab on Tuesday.