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What do 'Other credits & debits' in the Console P&L report mean?

Other credits & debits entry in the P&L report includes charges and credits that are not directly a result of trading. The other credits & debits entry in the P&L report does not include charges such as brokerage, exchange transaction charges, STT, GST, Stamp duty, SEBI charges etc. All these charges are shown on the contract note. They are also posted along with other credit and debit on the fund statement. See What do these funds statement (ledger) entries mean?

All the charges not shown in contract notes are shown under Other credits & debits . Charges such as call and trade charges, payment gateway charges, DP charges, account opening charges, margin penalty, delayed payment charges, AMC charges etc., are directly posted on the fund's statement on Console.

The breakdown of the Other credits & debits can be found in the Tax P&L and also in the second Excel sheet of the downloaded P&L report. See Where can I get the profit and loss report for a tax audit at Zerodha?