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What is the validity of the CDSL authorisation?

The CDSL TPIN authorizations are valid for a single day, and clients can use the same TPIN to authorise their holdings. Starting from 8:00 AM, all authorizations will be recorded for trades executed on the same day until 5:00 PM. After 5:00 PM, individuals can place After Market Orders (AMO) for the following day by pre-authorizing their holdings at the time of order placement. For these AMO orders, there is no need to provide holdings authorization again the next day unless the order is modified.

However, clients must provide a new authorization every trading day after 8 AM if they plan to sell their holdings. Any CDSL TPIN authorisations made outside the specified timeframe (after 5:00 PM and before 8:00 AM, excluding AMO) will not be recorded, and the orders will be rejected.

Did you know? Clients can send DDPI and a POA to skip placing CDSL TPIN authorisation requests every time they place long-standing orders like GTT. To learn more, see What is Demat Debit and Pledge Instruction (DDPI)?