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How to trade weekly currency options at Zerodha?

  • For USDINR: Market orders are only allowed for 3 monthly and 1 weekly contract. A limit order can be used for other monthly and weekly contracts.
  • For other pairs: Trading is only allowed in 3 monthly and one weekly contracts. Market orders are only allowed for 1 monthly and 1 weekly contract.

The weekly currency options contracts of USDINR can be traded on Kite by entering the name of the contract in the search bar. Currently, Intraday (MIS) is blocked for these contracts.

To add these contracts to the Marketwatch, type USDINR (space bar) strike price (space bar) CE/PE (space bar) date of expiry. Alternatively, clients can just type USDINR followed by the strike price and select the weekly contracts from the dropdown.

The trading symbol USDINR 27th Nov 70 CE means:

  • USDINR is underlying
  • 27th Nov is the expiry date
  • 70 - Strike
  • CE - Call (or Put - PE)

For monthly contracts, type the currency pair [USDINR] space [strike] space [contract month].

The contract specifications are as follows:

Instrument Name OPTCUR
Expiry Date Every Friday of the week. If Friday is a trading holiday, the previous trading day shall be the expiry/last trading day. All contracts shall expire at 12:30 PM on the expiry day.
Contract Cycle 11 Serial weekly contracts expiring on Friday, excluding expiry week, wherein monthly contracts expire 2 working days prior to the last working day of the expiry month.
New Serial weekly options contract shall be introduced after the expiry of the respective week's contract.