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What does de-listing of a stock mean?

The term "delisting" of securities means removal of securities of a listed company from a stock exchange. As a consequence of delisting, the securities of that company would no longer be traded at that stock exchange. These stocks won't be visible on Kite; you will only be able to view these shares on Console

Check out this notification from SEBI.

A company delists for 2 reasons - forced or voluntarily.

Forced delist - This is when the exchanges decide to delist the company, usually for non-compliance. If you are holding shares of such companies, then you will have to write it off as bad investment.

Voluntarily delist - This is when the company itself decides to delist the shares from the exchange. This could be an outcome of a corporate restructuring exercise. Under such a situation, the company has to offer a premium over and above the current market price of the shares. Usually, the premium shoots up to 30-40% or more.

Either way, when delists, the shares are relinquished and is no longer traded in the markets.