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What are the different ways to transfer shares from my Zerodha account?

The process to transfer shares from one demat account to another differs based on whether the receiver has a CDSL or an NSDL demat account.

If your share transfer is to another CDSL demat account:

a. You can follow any one of the following online methods:

I. You can gift the shares to your friends’ or relatives’ account. Learn more.

ii. You can use CDSL easiest to transfer shares online to a different CDSL demat account. Learn more.

b. You can transfer shares offline by submitting the DIS forms. Learn more.

If your share transfer is to another NSDL demat account.

a. You can follow the offline transfer process, i.e. by submitting the DIS forms to Zerodha. Learn more.

b. You can also do this online via CDSL Easiest. Learn more.

Note: Zerodha is a depository participant (DP) under the CDSL depository.