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Why is Kite app being logged out when switched to any other app?

Clients may have been logged out of the Kite app and asked to log in again if they switched to another app or minimised the Kite app. This can happen if the device is in power-saving mode or if the application is being prevented from running in the background due to device settings.

To improve the device's ability to run applications, follow these steps:

  1. On Android devices: Go to Phone settings > Battery > Change the power plan to performance or turn off the power-saving mode. On iOS devices: Go to settings > battery > Turn off the Low Power Mode.
  2. On Android devices, change the application to Not optimised, which prevents the app from being stopped in the background when not in use.
  3. Allow the application to run in the background and keep it running even when the screen is turned off.
  4. Clear the application data from the phone settings. To learn how, see How to clear the Kite app data?

Zerodha advises against running multiple sessions on different devices for the same user account.