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When I log in to my Kite account it asks for a temporary OTP after I enter my password. Can I remove this temporary OTP when I log in to Kite?

Yes, you can remove the temporary OTP known as time-based OTP (TOTP) when you log into Kite. TOTP’s are used for providing additional security to your Kite account. To know more about TOTP click here.

TOTP will be removed and replaced with a numeric 6 digit PIN as your Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) code when you follow the below-mentioned steps. Two-factor authentication is a security system that requires two distinct forms of identification to login into your account. So in Kite log in, one form of identification will be your password and the other will be your 6 digit PIN.

Follow the steps below to remove the TOTP set up.

1. Click on the forgot password option on the Kite login page.

2. It will take you to this screen, where you have to enter your User ID, Pan. You can select either your linked email id or phone number to receive the OTP to reset your password. Enter the Captcha generated on the screen and click on the Reset button.

3. Validate your OTP and click on Continue.

4. Set your new password and set a numeric 6 digit PIN as your 2Factor authentication code. This is required for logins along with the password. Click on the Save button once you’re done.

If you have followed all the above steps you have successfully removed the TOTP set up and replaced it with 2FA PIN.