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How do I set up Google Authentication or other TOTP apps for Kite 2FA?

For added security, you can also set up Time based OTP (TOTP) in place of Kite PIN. You can use apps like Google® Authenticator, Microsoft® Authenticator, or Authy on your mobile phone or PC to generate 6-digit TOTPs for every login. 

You will be able to set up TOTP by using Kite web and the TOTP app on your phone. You may use 2 devices - one to generate the QR code as shown in the below steps and a phone which has the TOTP to scan the code.

If you're using only one device (either your phone or just your desktop), you can generate the TOTP by going to on your browser and copy the code key to link your authenticator app. You can install Authy on your desktop by clicking here and selecting direct download.

Follow the below steps to set up TOTP: 

Log into Kite web, and click on your client ID on the top right-hand corner of the page and select 'My Profile' from the drop-down

Click on 'Password & Security'

Once you do, click on 'Enable 2-step OTP'

Enter the OTP received on your registered email ID.

Install Google® Authenticator (or  Microsoft® Authenticator or Authy) on your phone. You can find this on the Play Store or iOs App Store.

Select 'Scan a barcode' under the add account option and click on 'Begin'.


Allow access to your phone camera, and scan the bar code shown on the profile page on Kite. Once you scan it, the account will be added on your authenticator app. Alternatively, you can also copy the key (available below the QR code) and use it to add your account to the authenticator app. Enter the OTP shown on the app on Kite along with your password and click on 'Enable'.

Once you click on 'Enable' you'll get a notification confirming the TOTP set up.

You will have to enter the time-based OTP shown on your authenticator app instead of PIN from the next login onward.

1. TOTP authentication may fail if the clock on your device is out of sync. You can correct the clock time by selecting the 'use network-provided time' option in your device settings.
2. If you disable and then enable TOTP, you will have to re-do the above steps to scan the QR code on your TOTP app.