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How to register for CDSL Easiest using the Zerodha demat account?

The online registration process is applicable only for individual account holders. Non-individual account holders should courier the physical copy of the easiest registration form that is generated once the registration process is completed to Zerodha HO.

To register for CDSL Easiest, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Demat details: Enter the 8-digit DP ID followed by the 8-digit demat client ID or BO ID and click on Continue. To know the DP ID and the BO ID login to or see What are DP name, DP ID, BO ID and demat ID?

  3. OTP: Enter OTP received on the registered mobile number or email and click on Continue.

  4. Account details: In the account details section, enter the preferred username, answer the security question, select the Trusted Account checkbox and click on Continue. There are two Account type:

Trusted account transfer: Trusted accounts are those demat accounts where a client wants to transfer their securities through easiest. Trusted account transfer permits the transfer of securities from one client to another. Account holders (Beneficiary Owners) can transfer the securities to four CDSL demat accounts of their own choice, which have been added as trusted accounts. Transactions through the trusted account option can be set up and have to be approved by an additional PIN, which will be emailed to the BO separately. If the BO opts for the trusted account option, they will receive two separate emails with two separate passwords, one for accessing the easiest log-in and the second for the PIN for authorizing their transactions. To learn more, See How to add a trusted account on CDSL Easiest? Transfers can be done only within the depository (CDSL to CDSL).

Account of choice transfer: Account of choice transfer permits the transfer of securities from one account holder (BO) account to another demat account. Transactions are authenticated through a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) (e-token), which the BO has to obtain from any of the Registered Authority (RA). The BO will have to submit the easiest registration form signed by all the holders (not applicable for sole holders) and the other Registering Authority (RA) form for mapping the digital signature (e-token) to the DP for authentication. Transfers can be done across the depositories i.e, CDSL to CDSL and CDSL to NSDL.

5. Finish: The registration is complete, and after Zerodha authenticates it, CDSL easiest will be activated for the BO ID. The activation takes up to 48 working hours.

Did you know?

  • Shares can be transferred from Zerodha demat account to another CDSL demat account using CDSL Easiest. See How to transfer shares from the Zerodha account using CDSL Easiest?
  • There are two depositories in India, CDSL and NSDL, where an account is created when a demat account is opened with a brokerage firm or depository participant (DP). Most online brokerage firms like Zerodha are depository participants with CDSL.