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How to transfer shares from the Zerodha account to other CDSL demat account using CDSL Easiest?

As per CDSL's circular (WEB), to prevent incorrect transfers, all off-market transfers will be processed only if the sender (transferor) of the securities adds the receiver's (transferee’s) demat account as a beneficiary on CDSL. To learn how to add a beneficiary on CDSL, see How to add a beneficiary on CDSL to transfer securities?

To transfer securities from the Zerodha account using CDSL Easiest, follow these steps:

1. Register on CDSL. To learn how, see How to register for CDSL Easiest using the Zerodha demat account?

2. Log in to and click on Setup under Transactions.

3.  Click on Bulk Setup.

4. Click on Transaction and enter the execution date and enter the Beneficiary owner ID (BOID) of the person to whom the securities are to be transferred. To learn how to add a trusted beneficiary account, see How to add a trusted account on CDSL Easiest? Select NA from the drop-down in the Entity Identifier.

5. Click on Account ISINs and select the ISINs in the holdings from the list. Enter the quantity and select the reason for the trade. If the off-market transfer is not a gift or self-transfer and involves a consideration, stamp duty (PDF) must be paid to CDSL online (PDF) before making the transfer.

6.  Click on Submit. If the receiver's beneficiary is not added, the following error will be displayed: Active link between seller and buyer does not exist. To learn how to add a beneficiary, see How to add a beneficiary on CDSL to transfer securities?

7. Click on Verify. Exchange ID, Counter Party Exchange ID, Market Type, Counter Party Market Type, Settlement ID and Counter Settlement ID need not be filled in for off-market transactions.

8. Click on Commit and then enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number and email.

9.  Enter the 8-digit alphanumeric CDSL easiest PIN received on the registered email ID. Do not enter the 6-digit CDSL TPIN. First-time users must change the default PIN by visiting and, clicking on Miscellaneous, and then on Change PIN.

If the PIN was not received or forgotten, visit , click on Miscellaneous and then on Reset PIN.

This is now sent to the Depository Participant (DP) for confirmation. The request is approved on confirmation, and the transfer will be done.

Did you know?

  • Transfer requests are not processed immediately because Zerodha needs to verify the availability of shares in the customer's demat account. This verification is necessary because there may be instances where the client has initiated a transfer request for a security and sold it on the same day. Off-market transfer requests submitted before 6 PM on trading days will be processed on the same day. However, any requests placed after 6 PM will be rejected.
  • Shares and mutual funds under lock-in cannot be transferred using this flow.
  • The charges to transfer shares in an off-market transaction are 0.03% of the transfer value or ₹25 per ISIN, whichever is higher, + 18% GST. Clients must maintain the required balance for the charges to be debited.
  • To avoid rejection of share transfer, do not sell shares being transferred before the approval of the easiest transaction. In rare cases, the sale transaction may not be rejected and can go to auction. In these cases, auction charges are to be borne by the client. The share transfer will also be rejected if the balance in the trading account is negative.
  • If the account is dormant, clients must complete the Re-KYC process. To learn how, see Why did Zerodha send an email requesting KYC details to be updated?