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How to transfer shares from the Zerodha account using CDSL Easiest?

The process explained below can also be used to transfer shares from other CDSL demat accounts to the Zerodha account

Once you have registered for easiest , you can follow the following steps to transfer shares:

1. Log in to CDSL Easiest and select 'Setup' on the Transaction section.

2. In this page, you need to select 'Bulk Setup'

3. You need to select 'Transaction' and enter the execution date and enter the Beneficiary owner ID(BOID), you need to transfer the shares to. Click here to check how to add a Trusted Beneficiary Account. Select NA from the drop-down in the Entity Identifier.

4. You need to select the ISIN. When you click on Account ISINs, you can see a list of all the ISINs in your holdings. Select the ISIN and enter the quantity and select the reason for trade from a list given. If your off-market transfer is not a gift/self-transfer and involves consideration, you will need to pay the stamp duty charges to CDSL before making the transfer as per the applicable rates (PDF) on the consideration amount to CDSL on their platform. Stamp duty can be paid online as mentioned here (PDF) .

5. You can see the ISIN details here. Now, you need to click on 'Submit' to setup.

6. On submission, you will get this message. Next, you need to verify your request.

7. Click on verify

You needn't fill the Exchange ID, Counter Party Exchange ID, Market Type, Counter Party Market Type, Settlement ID and Counter Settlement ID for off-market transactions.

8. Click on Commit and then enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number and email.

9. Enter your CDSL easiest PIN. This is not your 6-digit numeric CDSL TPIN . It is an 8-digit alphanumeric PIN that you would have received on your registered email id when you registered on CDSL easiest.

10. With this your share transfer request is submitted.

This is now sent to your DP for confirmation. On confirmation, the request is approved and the transfer will be done.


  1. The off-market transfer request placed till 6:00 PM on the date of execution will be approved post 6:00 PM on the same day. The request placed after 6:00 PM will not be approved if the execution date is the same day. To place requests after 6 PM, ensure that the execution date is the next trading day.
  2. Shares/Mutual fund holdings that are in free units can be transferred using this flow.  Shares/Mutual funds under lock-in cannot be transferred using this flow.
  3. The charges to transfer shares in an off-market transaction are 0.03% of the transfer value or Rs. 25 per ISIN, whichever is higher, plus 18% GST.
  4. To avoid rejection of share transfer, do not sell shares that are being transferred before the approval of easiest transaction. The share transfer will also be rejected if the balance in the trading account is negative.