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How can I register for CDSL Easiest using my Zerodha demat account?

CDSL Easiest allows you to transfer shares from your demat account to another CDSL demat account in an off-market transaction. You can register on Easiest by following the below steps.

1. Enter your 8- digit DP ID (12081600/12081601 for all Zerodha demat account holders) followed by your 8-digit demat Client ID or BO ID :

2. You will get an OTP to your registered mobile number:

3. Enter account details, select the "Trusted account" checkbox and click on Continue:

4. Enter Trusted Account (This is a CDSL account where you want to transfer shares).

5. Grouping - You can add any BO IDs available in the pre-approved list. These will be your CDSL demat accounts with other depository participants. However, if no pre-approved accounts exist, you can skip this step.

6. Your registration is now complete:

Once your registration is complete, the validation will take 24-48 working hours. You will be able to transfer shares using easiest after the validation has been completed.

Note: The online registration process is applicable only for individual account holders. Non-individual account holders need to send a physical copy of the easiest registration form to Zerodha HO .