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Why are some of the indicators on not available in the Kite TradingView chart?

The Tradingview (TV) of Kite charts has only the Built-in Library of Indicators integrated. In comparison, has the Public Library, which has a list of indicators updated by traders who find it helpful and share it.

Additionally, Tradingview does not provide all the features available on its site. Few features are restricted and can be used only by logging in to their site.

For example, If you search for ‘Price Movement Indicator’ In , you will be able to fetch it.

However, In Kite, It is not available.


We cannot provide Indicators of the Public Library in Kite unless they are feasible and taken as Built-Ins by, we are speaking to TradingView to add more features in future updates.

There are a few indicators of the, public library that are available in the ‘ChartIQ’ of Kite charts that you can make use of. To switch charts, you can refer to this article

To learn more on Charting on Kite, check this user manual.