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How do I change the registered address on my account online?

To update your current address as per Aadhaar, you have to follow the Re-KYC procedure . The only change you have to make is to select the ‘Update details as per Aadhaar’ link on the first page before proceeding with the form, as illustrated below.


  1. If you have updated your address recently in KRA and want to change it as per KRA at Zerodha. You need to create a ticket from your registered email ID. You can create a ticket here .
  2. You will be able to complete the change of address online only if your Aadhaar is linked with a mobile number. If your Aadhaar is not linked with a mobile number or you want to link a different proof other than Aadhaar, you need to follow the offline steps mentioned here .

Suppose you have updated the Aadhaar with an address recently; you can update the KYC in Digilocker .