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How can the Zerodha account be blocked due to suspicious activity?

To block the Zerodha trading account, clients can follow any of these steps:

  • Send an email from the registered email ID with the relevant details to [email protected].
  • Create a ticket and submit the relevant details.
  • Call 080 4680 1166 from the registered mobile number.

To learn the relevant details to be submitted to block the trading account, refer to the Voluntary Freezing/Blocking of the online trading account policy. Once the relevant details are provided and the trading account is blocked, you cannot log in to Kite.

To unblock the Zerodha account, create a ticket. Once the account is unblocked, update the KYC details. To learn how to update the KYC details, see Why did Zerodha send an email requesting KYC details to be updated?

Did you know? In case of suspicious activity, clients can also reset the Zerodha password and disable the segments using the Kill Switch feature as a first step. See How to reset the password on the Kite app? and What is Kill Switch?