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What is the process to claim shares and funds after the death of a Zerodha account holder?

Upon the death of an account holder at Zerodha, we request the dependents or relatives to provide us with the following details by creating a ticket .

  1. Copy of death certificate (mandatory)
  2. PAN number of the deceased person (mandatory)
  3. Client id of the deceased person (if available)
  4. Mobile number of the deceased person (if available)
  5. Email id of the deceased person (if available)

Our team will look into the documents provided and help you further depending on the scenario that applies to you.

There are multiple scenarios under which claims are processed after the account holder’s death. They are as follows:

  1. The deceased’s account has no holdings and no funds
  2. A joint account holder exists
  3. The account holder has appointed a nominee
  4. The account holder has not added a nominee to their account but has holdings.

To know more about the course of action to be taken depending on the scenario, click on the respective links above.