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What is the policy regarding client passwords at Zerodha?

Once a Zerodha account is opened, a welcome email is sent from [email protected] with a link to set the password. The user ID and password are used to access Zerodha’s online trading platforms, i.e. Kite App and Kite web. A video course is available at to learn how to use Kite, and a user manual on Kite is also available at The user ID and password can also be used to access the back-office, i.e. Console, for various reports. To learn more about Console, see What is Console?

Passwords are saved at the backend in an encrypted manner. Zerodha does not have access to client passwords.

In case of the unauthorised use, clients must immediately reset their password. To learn how to reset the password, see How to reset the password on Kite web? Clients must also inform Zerodha of the unauthorised use by creating a ticket with full details, including the date of the use, how it was used, the transactions effected under such unauthorised use, etc.

Clients must acknowledge that they are fully aware of and understand the risks associated with availing of online trading services. Risks include but are not limited to misuse or unauthorised use of the client ID and password by a third party, hacking into the client’s Zerodha account and placing orders on behalf of the client. Clients agree that they are liable and responsible for all unauthorised use and misuse of their client ID and password and for all acts done by any person through Zerodha’s online trading system on a client’s username in any manner whatsoever.