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Why did Zerodha send an email asking for KYC information?

As per regulations ( NSE, BSE, MCX ), Zerodha is required to collect a client's updated details and ensure their Know Your Client (KYC) is registered with the KYC Registration Agency (KRA) before they can continue trading. Zerodha will request KYC information if there is an issue with the KYC documents.

The KYC status could be On Hold or Rejected with the KRA for the reason mentioned below. To learn how to check the KYC status, see What is Know Your Customer (KYC), and how can the KYC status be checked? The rejection reasons and the documentation required to rectify them are mentioned in the email and in the table below:

Rejection reason How to rectify it?

KYC Page

Incomplete, incorrect address captured. The address is overwritten on the KYC page. The signature is not clear or not captured. The photo is not clear on the KYC page.
Online: If a number is linked to the Aadhaar and the address needs to be updated as per the Aadhaar complete the Re-KYC address modification process. To know how, see How can the address registered with Zerodha be changed online? Offline: If the address is to updated as per another government ID proof, courier the hard copy of the KYC page (PDF) along with the self-attested PAN and one address proof (Voter’s ID, Driving license, Passport or Aadhaar card) to Zerodha.
The PAN is not clear.
Provide a clear self-attested soft copy of the PAN by creating a ticket.
The address proof is not clear. Provide a clear self-attested soft copy of the address proof by creating a ticket.
The signature is not clear. Provide a clear soft copy of the signature in blue or black ink by creating a ticket.
Confirmation of name. Provide one clear soft copy of a self-attested government ID proof on which the name is as per the PAN by creating a ticket (Voter’s ID, Driving license, Passport, Aadhaar card, Marriage certificate, or Gazette of name change).
Provided proprietor bank account details. Provide a clear soft copy of the banker letter (PDF) by creating a ticket.
Invalid bank proof. Update the correct bank details on Console. See, How to change the primary bank account linked with Zerodha?
Invalid IPV. Complete the Re-KYC process. See, Why did Zerodha send an email requesting KYC details to be updated?
Signature confirmation (Thumb impression). Courier a clear hard copy of the declaration (PDF) to Zerodha.
Mobile number or email ID verification failed. Validate the mobile number or email ID. See, Why did the KYC Registration Agency (KRA) send an email and SMS informing about KYC details validation?
PAN is not linked to Aadhaar. Link the PAN to the Aadhaar. See, How to link PAN with Aadhaar? Even if Aadhar is successfully linked with PAN, it must still be updated in the IT records, which can take up to 7 working days.

Courier the required documents to:

153/154, 4th Cross, J.P Nagar 4th Phase,
Opp. Clarence Public School,
Bengaluru - 560078

Once the relevant documents are submitted, the KRA and the exchanges will take up to 10 working days to update the KYC status, after which the clients can trade.