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How do I transfer my shares from another demat account held with another broker to my demat account held with Zerodha?

Once you have opened your Zerodha account, you can transfer shares from your demat account with the other broker to your Zerodha demat by following any one of the options given below.

1. Closure cum transfer:

In this process, you can close your existing account with your broker and move holdings to the Zerodha account. You can submit closure cum transfer form along with Zerodha Client Master Report (CMR) to your existing broker.


  1. If the shares are in a lock-in status, then you cannot transfer shares from CDSL to NSDL or vice versa.
  2. If the other broker asks for your Zerodha CMR, you can follow the steps here to obtain your CMR copy.
  3. You can transfer within the same account holder/s only. For example, person A can transfer to person A. If persons A and B have a joint account with A as primary holder and B as secondary holder, they can transfer to another joint account held by A and B only and not to a joint account held in the order B and A.
  4. You can transfer shares only within the same Beneficiary Owner (BO) status. For example, you can transfer shares only from an individual account to an individual account. You cannot transfer shares from an individual account to a Joint/NRI/HUF and vice versa. You can find the BO status on the CMR copy as shown below.

2. Through Off-market transfer

If you want to retain an existing broker, you can submit a DIS slip of the existing broker to them to transfer shares.


  1. If the existing broker is NSDL you have to use inter depository slips, if it is CDSL you have to use intra-depository slips.
  2. You can transfer only freeholdings.
  3. Transfer charges are applicable as per transferor DP.

3. Online transfer

Please contact your existing broker to know the process to transfer the shares online.

After the transfer is complete, you will be able to view the shares in your holdings. However, the buy average will be shown as NA. You will have to manually enter the price at which you acquired these shares. Refer to this article to know how.

If you don't have an account with us, you can open one instantly online. Just head over to our account opening page and follow the instructions. If you need any help with the account opening, you can get in touch with us on 080 47192020 / 080 71175337