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How do I de-materialize physical shares that I have inherited from a deceased person?

If you have inherited physical shares of a deceased person, and you want to de-materialize it, you have to contact the Company's RTA (Registrar and Transfer Agency) and get the name on company records changed to your name as per your Demat account.

You can find the contact details of the Company's RTA on NSEs or BSEs website under Corporate information/Company information.


1. If a joint holder of a share passes away, the surviving holder(s) can get the physical shares de-materialized into their demat account, by submitting a notarized copy of the death certificate of the deceased holder and the duly filled Transmission-cum-dematerialization form along with the normal set of documents for dematerialization mentioned here.

2. If the shares that you are trying to de-materialize are part of this list on CDSL, please note that you can only send these scrips for de-materialization once the name of the scrip is removed from the list. A list of Top 200 companies with the maximum pending demat requests is uploaded to the CDSL system and to CDSL's website every fortnight. It takes longer than usual to dematerialize such stocks.