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What does the entry 'Inter Cost Transfer for withdrawal request' in my ledger mean?

At Zerodha, if you're a client trading in multiple segments, the equity ledger you see on Console is the combined ledger for NSE, BSE, F&O & CDS. This is done to provide a better user experience.

However, in the backend, we are required to maintain separate ledgers for each of the segments (BSE-EQ  NSE-EQ, F&O, CDS). All credits (money added to your trading account) and all debits (fund withdrawals) in the back end will be done in the NSE segment ledger.

For fund withdrawals, in the backend, by default, your NSE-EQ ledger will be debited. In cases, where there isn't enough balance in your NSE ledger, we will add an adjustment entry debiting the excess balance (due to profits) in the other segment ledger and credit your NSE-EQ segment ledger.

"Inter Cost Transfer for withdrawal request" is the adjustment ledger entry added in such cases. You will see two ledger entries in such cases - one debit and a credit of the same value.

It's important to note, that this will not have any impact on the margin/funds in your account.