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How to save my chart settings and indicators on Kite charts?

To save your chart settings and preferred indicators you need to use the ‘Views’ and ‘Layout’ feature on Kite.

Views - this function allows studies/indicators to be added and be saved as views & applied automatically on other scrips when charts are initiated.

Click on ‘save view’ after you add the indicators you use, and these indicators can be loaded on other charts. You can save multiple views and switch between them by selecting them from ‘Views’

Layout – this option can be used to save preferences like candle time frame (1 min to 1 month), indicators, chart style and themes. Once you have saved these preference they'll automatically be loaded on the charts you open up next.

Once you open a chart, select a timeframe, chart style and add indicators, it will be automatically saved as a preference after 30 seconds. If you want to do it earlier than that, you can click on 'Layout' and then 'Save preferences'.

You can also load a particular 'saved view' and save that as a preference.

If you use the multiple chart option (2,4 charts), you can save your preferences separately on each of the charts/ frames, for example, if you save preferences for the 2nd chart in the '4 charts display' the next time you open 4 charts, the 2nd chart will load up the previously saved preferences.


  • All studies/indicators will be saved on the cloud. So you can open charts with your saved views/preferences on any device (pc or mobile)/browser.
  • Clearing preferences will delete all your saved views. If you want to delete a specific view, you can click on the delete button next to the saved view
  • All drawings you make on charts will be automatically saved in your browser cache. Whenever you open up a chart where you had previously drawn on, the drawings will be retrieved. However, this won't work if you clear browser cache, or switch browser or PC or Mobile.
  • Autosave will be triggered 30 seconds after any preference related action on the charts, i.e. adding/deleting time frame/indicators/views.  
  • If the chart is popped out the same chart preferences will be automatically loaded (if no preferences saved, daily charts will be opened by default)
  • If you load a chart with saved preferences and then make changes in the time frame/indicator/chart style/view - and leave it that way for 30 seconds, the changes will be saved as preferences - as opposed to earlier on Kite 2, if you refreshed the charts, the old preferences would be retrieved.