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What do 'Other credits & debits' in the Console P&l report mean?

'Other credits & debits' which is seen on Console in the P&L report includes charges & credits which are not directly a result of your trading activities. The following are some charges & credits which are included

  1. Call & Trade Charges
  2. Payment gateway charges
  3. DP Charges
  4. Account opening charges
  5. Buyback order placement
  6. Pledge Charges
  7. Smallcase fee, Screener, Sensibull, Streak, Stockreports+ Charges
  8. Margin Penalty
  9. AMC charged
  10. Brokerage reversal if any
  11. Excess charges reversed if any
  12. Delayed payment charges

The breakdown of the 'Other credits & debits' can be found in the downloaded Tax P&L and also in the second Excel sheet of the downloaded P&L report