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Why can’t I see the shares I purchased via my Zerodha account in my holdings?

The shares are not seen in the holdings for one of the following reasons:

The shares you purchased are short-delivered.

Ideally, when you purchase shares, you will receive the delivery of those shares on T+2 days. Now, if your shares are short-delivered, it means that the seller of the shares defaulted on the settlement of shares. In such cases, the exchange holds an auction for the same quantity of shares and delivers it to the buyer.

In case of short delivery, we notify you via SMS and email. (Learn more about short-delivery).

You sold a 'Trade to Trade (T2T)' stock in your holding.

Trade to trade stocks are not allowed to be traded intraday. Now, if you have sold a T2T stock in your holdings and brought it back on the same day, then you can't see the stock in your holdings. It will be visible only on T+2, on the settlement day. (Learn more about trade to trade stock)